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What are GameChips and Gold Points?

GameChips are the form of virtual currency that we use in games available on GameDesire.

Gold Points are the form of virtual premium currency that allow purchasing various items or effects in games that are unavailable for non-paying members.


  • Get 2.000 free GameChips for start after registration.
  • If you wish to play for higher stakes, you might want to consider purchasing additional GameChips (Shop).
  • Currencies are not exchangeable with each other
Nasıl Ace olunur?

En iyi GameDesire oyuncuları ve kullanıcıları için yeni bir puanlama sistemi oluşturduk. Servisimizi geliştirmek için yapacağınız yardımlar mutlaka ödüllendirilecektir.

Oyun oynayın, puan toplayın ve başarı kazanın!

Seçili sonuçlar, belirli bir puan kazanmanızı ve özel başarı edinmenizi sağlar.

İsminizin yanında görülen özel statüleri edinmek için puanlarınızı kullanın.:

Chief Lord Ace
  • 200 Chief için kalan puan
  • 1000 Lord için kalan puan
  • 3000 Ace için kalan puan

Statüler sayesinde yaptığınız her alımda 50% Oyun Chipi kazanırsınız. Başarılarınız hesabınızdan asla silinmez. Ancak, edindiğiniz statülerin (Şef, Lort ve Usta) geçerlilik süresi bir aydır – her ayın başında statü rekabeti de başlar. Statüyü korumak için, bir alt statüyle arada gerektiği kadar puan farkı bulunmalıdır. Yani, Usta statüsünü korumak için 2000 puan, Lort statüsünü korumak için 800 puan, ve Şef statüsünü korumak için 200 puanınız olmalıdır. Eğer yeterli puana sahip değilseniz, bir alt statüye düşersiniz. Eğer Şef olmuşsanız, statüyü kaybedersiniz.

I don't remember my password, how can I retrieve it?
Click "Forgot your password?" option on the login page and enter the e-mail address you used during the registration process. We will send you the link to reset your password to this address. If you need our assistance, contact our Customer Experience Team (contact form available at:
How can I edit my username?
It's not possible to modify usernames. If you wish to have a different one, consider creating a brand new account on GameDesire.
I deleted my account, can I have it back?
It's not possible to restore a deleted account, so please reconsider before removing it.
I haven't received my gamechips after the purchase.

Make sure that the transaction in question was confirmed (were all the required fields filled in properly? Was your account charged for the purchase?). If it looks correctly, contact our Customer Experience Team (contact form available at:

IMPORTANT: In order to speed up the process, please attach the confirmation of making that payment (PDF files preferable) and include transaction ID, which can be find at If your purchase took place on a mobile phone, make sure to include the phone number.

I have received a private message from the administrator.
Please, be cautious. Each GameDesire administration member has an Admin badge next to their username displayed on their profile page. Administrator will never ask you about your password and won't ever start a private conversation with you in a chatroom. Also, you will never receive a message from the administration team containing a link where it is necessary to log in unless you specifically ask for it.
I'm unable to verify my e-mail address.
Make sure that you requested activation link on the main page (yellow bar will turn green). If there's no message with the activation link in Inbox, check your Spam folder. If you need our assistance, contact our Customer Experience Team (contact form available at:
Can I play GameDesire games on a mobile device?
Some of our games are available in Google Play and App Store. Some of them were created specifically for these platform and cannot be found on GameDesire website (i.e. Tiffany's Bingo). If you wish to see our mobile offer, type GameDesire in Google Play or App Store search bar.
I was asked to deliver a screenshot. How can I take it?

The following method doesn't require installation of any additional software. It's based entirely on applications available in Windows.

  1. To copy the image from the monitor, press the "Prt Scr" or "Print Screen" key (usually located near the "Home", "End", "Pause" and "Break" keys),
  2. Start any graphic editor. This method is based on Paint, available in Windows (press Start and type Paint),
  3. In Paint, click "Paste" (usually placed in the "Edit" tab). The screen will show the previously copied image from the monitor,
  4. The obtained image should be saved in the correct graphic format - for this purpose click the "File" tab, then "Save as ...",
  5. It is necessary to select the file storage location, there is no need to save the file in one particular place, but it is important to remember this location,
  6. Then enter the file name in the "Name" field and select the JPG file type from the drop down list (*.jpg, * .jpeg). Save the file by selecting "Save",
  7. You can close Paint already,
  8. The screenshot is available in the place where you saved it.
I think I should win more often.

In all our games on gamechips we use certified random numbers generators to make sure every player gets the same chance as everyone else. We don't use blockades for winning or losing, we don't favour any nationality.

Gamechips purchases will not affect your luck in the game in any way.

Anti-fraud and misbehaviour policy.

In order to ensure safe and pleasant gameplay, GameDesire uses the following measures against cheaters and players who do not comply with the netiquette.

  • Automatic filters that remove vulgar words,
  • Automatic disable of the chat option for flooding (writing many lines of text at once),
  • Tracking attempts to modify plugins and games,
  • Admins can block players' chat options and prevent further use of the site,
  • In the case of multiplayer games, it is not allowed to play on more than one account at the same game,
  • The results of the games played are logged and automatically analyzed in order to find and eliminate potential abuses,
  • Calls made on the public chat are logged in case of potential complaints about non-compliance of our netiquette by players.
Other inquiries.
If you need our assistance, contact our Customer Experience Team (contact form available at: